Find Your Brand’s Magic

“Alchemy is another word for magic,  and the whole point of magic is that it is inexplicable.”

Mix It Up With Alchemy


Original strategies don’t come from obvious insights. We know how to illumiate novel insights into new brand territory.

Hispanic Market

We help brands develop a special chemistry within a variety of Hispanic cultures and bi-cultural populations.

Creative Direction

Want research that will elevate and inspire fresh, original creative work? Alchemy delivers insights that drive creative magic.


Unexpected. Compelling. Fresh. Alchemy lights the way to the kind of insights that create brands that shine.


Alchemy combines the right tools, techniques, and methodologies to accurately understand and interpret the voice of the consumer.


Understanding how people experience a product or service is key to brand alchemy. We help brand touchpoints surprise and delight.


We deliver findings that bring brand identities to life.

Niche & Vertical

Going niche or vertical?  Blaze a new trail in a specialized market as it evolves and grows.


Market gaps. White Space. Trends. Alchemy discovers alchemy to pioneer their way into new territories.

What if.

“Through the combination of those two words something new comes into the world.”



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Dear 80’s, We Miss You

Dear 80’s, We Miss You

According to a recent study, of all the decades to live in beginning with the 1930's many 20-somethings wished they could have lived in the 1980's. Despite shoulder pads, glam rock, the "Me" generation, the age of greed, and yuppies, the 80’s were voted #1 on The...

Brands Are People Too

Brands Are People Too

"The question isn't "what" a brand is as much as the "who" a brand is.  Obviously, to be successful a brand has to function and fill a need or desire in the marketplace.  But that's just tablestakes. It has to have the ability draw people to itself. We gravitate...

The Myth of the Iconic Brand

The Myth of the Iconic Brand

The first official brand emerged in the 1818, and since then nearly 90,000 brands in the United States have come and gone.  Today there are 50,000 active brands out of which roughly 5% to 8% will become memorable.  Of those, only a chosen few become iconic.  Like...

The Art of the Question

The Art of the Question

Responses that go beneath the surface from study participants to gather valuable information for forming accurate insights.  Asking questions about what we want to know seems pretty straight forward.  Truth is, how those questions are asked has a significant impact...

Are You Biased?

Are You Biased?

Did you answer “no”?  If so, then you have a bias.  It’s called a blind spot.  But don’t be too hard on yourself.  Truth is, we’ve been hardwired for bias since we were Neanderthals.  It was necessary for survival.  See that tiger?  Maybe you saw one just like it...

“The secrets of alchemy are hidden in the laboratory of life.”