Discover your Brand’s secret hot sauce

Alchemy captures and combines the right information consisting of cultural awareness, accurate heartfelt messaging,  and unexpected delightful experiences, your brand can have a magnetic effect on a Hispanic audience.

Captivate the Culture

Nearly 20% of the US population is Hispanic. That population’s projected growth by 2030 is 25%.  Alchemy mixes a combination methodologies and techniques that are tailored to a burgeoning multi-faceted Hispanic marketplace.  We excel in discovering the insight brands need to create a chemistry with Hispanic consumers.

  • Traditional focus groups
  • In-setting focus groups
  • Webcam focus groups
  • Video ethnographies
  • Mobile diaries
  • Community bulletin boards
  • Hybrid methodologies
  • Qual + Quan platform methodologies

Hispanic Category Experience

Alchemy has helped many brands define themselves within Hispanic audiences in a variety of categories. Our experience in the Hispanic markets and niche markets extends into areas such as:

  • Cleaning products
  • Healthcare
  • Wellness
  • Breakfast foods
  • Family entertainment
  • OTC medications
  • Telecommunications
  • Liquor