Methods and Techniques For Transformational Insight

Alchemy Keeps It Real

We get accurate insights by designing methodologies and techniques that bring out genuine responses.  Alchemy gets past knee-jerk answers to discover what people really think, feel, or why they behave the way they do.  It takes going beyond words because people often can’t use them to describe those things.  We use techniques  that help people to communicate their beliefs, perceptions, and true values.

Gestault Thinking

What truly unites and connects a wide swath of people?  It’s an alchemy of factors.  But it takes more than just designing the right approach and technique to discover those important factors.  It also means figuring out how those pieces fit together for an insightful overview to inform brand alchemy.


Participant Chemistry

Alchemy has a knack for sparking geniune participant responses and interactions. That means accurate, high value insight to guide a strategy that only your brand can distinctly own.  We’re proud to say our participant engagement is between 80 and 95 percent.

Nothing is more magical than humans

No brand can discover its magic without tapping into the surprising magic of people.  Alchemy discovers the special way certain groups of people tick.  That’s what signals a bona fide presence to a niche market.  What can give a brand an undefinable magnetic pull.  Everything you need to know for your brand to shine like a beacon.

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